It smells just like christmas to meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Magic Perfume

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I wish you liked doing all those cheesy romantic things like you’d led me to believe.

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Sometimes I want us to live an incredibly cheesy romantic moment. Because you said you were a hopeless romantic. And I said I was just an average girl and didn’t care for all that romantic crap. I said it was nice but not necessary. But sometimes I’d like to sit in a field and look at the stars, or lay next to you and stare into your eyes. Sing a song together and feel like you mean the lyrics. I like it when you give me little surprises, but I’d like to live through things like that just a tiny bit more. I haven’t gotten a tiny poem in months. I miss those. They were always so sweet. I’m scared I’ve lost my spark. I wanted to stay gold.

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The Doctor at Christmas is one of my favourite things - but this year it’s different. He’s lost Amy and Rory to the Weeping Angels, and he’s not in a good place: in fact, he’s Scrooge. He’s withdrawn from the world and no longer cares what happens to it. So when all of humanity hangs in the balance, can anyone persuade a tired and heartbroken Doctor that it’s time to return to the good fight? Enter Jenna-Louise Coleman…
Steven Moffat on the Doctor Who Christmas Special (via doctorwho)

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